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Installing Gromacs 5.1.4


Gromacs. You know if you need this one. Anyhow I had the following error while using cmake to configure the build. – Performing Test CXX_SIMD_COMPILES_FLAG_ — Performing Test CXX_SIMD_COMPILES_FLAG_ – Failed — Compiler flag was valid, but executable did not build – perhaps update the binutils package CMake Error at cmake/gmxManageSimd.cmake:67 (message): Found a compiler […]

Google Hangouts in Pidgin with LibPur...


Now you can use Pidgin Instant Messaging client to Group Chat in Pidgin! Here’s How.

Packt Publishing Free books


Packt Publishing is giving away free technology related books every day.

Visudo opens nano

Visudo opens nano

Yep it happens. Use this command to fix it. sudo update-alternatives –config editor

Team Viewer 11 Review


4.5 out of 5 stars Minus 1/2 for no native Linux port. Lets talk about remotely accessing a system. I hope it’s no secret. I’m no fan of Log me in. I switched to team viewer and have not looked back. It’s like every release of team viewer they make it better and better. I […]

Install Pianobarfly Ubuntu 14.04

Install Pianobarfly Ubuntu 14.04

Lets start off with some tool building. You need some tunes to make things go. Why not use Pandora without all the ads from the command line. Here are some ideas on how to get started. First things lets do this the easy way. sudo apt-get update -y sudo apt-get install pianobar Then follow the […]